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November 16, 2009 / Julia Hughan

CMT live stream…bless you. CMA Awards…not so much.



For the first time ever on Thursday, I was able to watch the CMA Awards live first hand. The show was broadcast live via satellite into the homes of all cable subscribing Australians. Ah, technology, you once again save me from the frustrations of delay and deliver the immediacy that I crave.

Sadly, for me, the focal point of the evening was not Daughtry’s veiled attempt at temporarily “going country” or Taylor Swift ceremonially being crowned as the unofficial monarch of popular country. No, for me the highlight of the evening was the live stream of the red carpet arrivals on

Again, no…it was not Katie Cook that interested me (though she seems to be a  very lovely individual). I have no particular emotional investment in Kellie Pickler’s choice of dress or the radical change in her hair colour (though I do think Miss Pickler is doing a fine job of pulling of the red do). Aside from the aesthetic, I found the live stream to be a crucial example of participatory culture and live streaming video.


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