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December 2, 2009 / Julia Hughan


I am currently trying to avoid getting bogged down in convergence theory. I should point out that I am failing rather miserably.

In between my dazzling scholarly endeavours, I am also attempting to read up on the history of country music as both a business and culture (as well as its audience) in a comprehensive manner. In the process, I am coming across a few minor gems.

“While it maintains distinct conventions that look to the past, country music is also actively innovative in capturing diverse elements of other music traditions for use both in vocal and instrumental styles. It blends these elements into musical formulas expressing personal emotion about romantic love, spiritual love, and loving relationships in family life. Country songs feature a dominating commitment to stories of broken hearts and hard times – an emphasis that masks the culture’s assumption that such traumas can be overcome.”

(Ellison, Curtis W. Country Music Culture From Hard Times to Heaven (Studies in Popular Culture). New York: University of Mississippi, 2001, p xix)


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