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May 1, 2010 / Julia Hughan

Technology and the corporate multiplex.

So today (well, for the particular research paper I am currently toiling with), I am focusing on converging media technologies and the country music industry.

In the specific context of country music, I am frequently returning to Gaylord. I am interested in how their business model bundles together multiple modes of production and consumption. I am also interested in how they are revising of their streams of revenue to account for their ever changing role within the music industry.

For the sake of academic morality I am not going to delve too far into this. However, within the microcosm of Nashville (and yes, there are better examples but this is simply an observation), the Gaylord Entertainment Company :

  • Owns and operates the venues, books and promotes the events
  • Controls distribution of the the media content through radio, television and Internet contracts etc
  • Manages merchandising and other promotions

I will readily admit that this is a very pedestrian understanding of a multifaceted corporate infrastructure. However, I understand Gaylord as an illustration of major companies reviewing their business strategies and changes within older industrial structures through the implementation of business models that control and encompass multiple sectors of revenue that were previously untapped.

Not quite groundbreaking but a starting point for an intricate research venture.


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