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June 5, 2010 / Julia Hughan

The Life Of A Song: Analysis of Catherine Britt’s “Can’t Change A Thing”

Thanks to Joey + Rory for the title.

I have been focusing on the maximisation of a product in a mainstream market that is engaged in a constant struggle with consumption time. Yes, a minor mouthful.

However, the beauty of music is that it has the capacity to be reproduced and played in an almost limitless fashion through a number of different media channels.

One method of assuring maximum return and and offset is simply within the structure of the track. It needs to be memorable, engaging, mass appealing and easily attainable.

Analysis of a Song (Catherine Britt – “Can’t Change A Thing”)

  • There is no introduction, vocals begin within one second. This allows for maximum engagement with audiences.
  • Simple song structure and lyrical content. Opening line: “Kissed you twice, it was nice, I will not apologise”
  • Effortless instrumentation and then band kicks in with chorus.
  • Utilises the memorable chorus and hook with repetition.
  • The track times in at 3:01 – perfect for radio.

The song:


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