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June 9, 2010 / Julia Hughan

Live Tweeting, CMT Awards and online communities.

Blog crazy today. Anyway.

The CMT Awards are tomorrow. What is the main point of interest for the communications nerd?

Live tweeting and the formation of temporary communities of course.

This concept is explained by Dr Henry Jenkins:

The new knowledge culture has arisen as our ties to older forms of social community are breaking down, our rooting in physical geography is diminishing, our bonds to the extended and even the nuclear family are disintegrating and our allegiances to nation states are being redefined. However, new forms of community are emerging. These new communities are defined through voluntary, temporary and tactical affiliations, are reaffirmed through common intellectual enterprises and emotional investments and are held together through the mutual production and reciprocal exchange of knowledge.

Jenkins, H (2004). The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 7(1)

Social media allows individuals to form new communities (albeit often temporary and loose) around a collective interest. Twitter enables audiences to engage in a dialogue with complete strangers, express their thoughts and re-tweet to their heart’s content. This is a simple illustration of the converging relationship between media audiences and content and further evidence of the transient nature of modern media consumers.

I will be interested to see if the CMT coverage utilises a Tweet Cloud or any of the trending topics alongside the awards show.

Social media is an additional platform to advertise and integrate your product/brand…how CMT will do this is the question.

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