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July 8, 2010 / Julia Hughan

A fitting thought for the day (not mine).

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In general, I have declared war on the concept of “viral media.” As a model, it leads media producers to think in the wrong ways about the value of their content and its relationship to the audience. Taken at face value, it offers us a smallpox-soaked blanket approach to media distribution: Unknowingly infect your consumer and let them spread the germs to their friends and neighbors. In fact, in a world with many media choices, consumers are actively selecting what content is meaningful to them and circulating it consciously to people they think may be interested. They are deploying media content as gifts for their personal networks, as resources for ongoing conversations. Until marketers understand the consumer’s active agency and the social mechanisms shaping their circulation of content, they are doomed to insult and alienate the very people they are hoping to attract.

Beyond that, I am very concerned about trends in social networking sites that take away the public’s ability to set their own privacy settings and to govern what kinds of information they send out to the world. Here, the word “viral” may be more accurate, but the behavior is making many people ill – Henry Jenkins



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