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July 15, 2010 / Julia Hughan

Colt Ford, Twilight and the power of cultural relevance.

Here is a little background on Colt Ford, a country singer from Athens, Georgia:

Colt Ford’s debut album Ride Through The Country peaked at #24 on the Billboard Country Charts in December 2008. The highest charting single of his career so far is “Cold Beer”, a collaboration with Jamey Johnson that peaked at #53. Despite the lack of mainstream support from country radio, Ford has sold over 170,000 copies of his debut album and 65,000 of his recently released Chicken & Biscuits.

Ford has generated an unconventional following through his constant touring schedule and is proof that country radio is not needed to sell records. However, that is not the objective of this post.

This is:

Filmed in Nolensville, TN – this video is a parody of the Twilight phenomenon. Why is this of interest?

(Colt Ford reaching out to Twilight fans via his Twitter account)

He has now placed himself in a circumstance where he can establish mainstream interest on television as well as the Internet. Why?

Because he has adopted something that is culturally to the point (Twilight) and that makes people take notice.


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