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August 31, 2010 / Julia Hughan

Country music and social media? Look no further than the CMA Tweet N’ Greet

I wrote the following in an earlier post: “Social media allows individuals to form new communities (albeit often temporary and loose) around a collective interest. Twitter enables audiences to engage in a dialogue with complete strangers, express their thoughts and re-tweet to their heart’s content. This is a simple illustration of converging relationships between media audiences and content.”

If you are interested in witnessing country music and social media in practice then look no further than the CMA‘s Tweet n’ Greet:

The “Tweet ‘N’ Greet” will create an interactive feed between the fans and artists. Fans will have a direct connection to some of their favorite performers, not only allowing them the opportunity to ask questions, but also providing them with behind-the-scenes access. In addition, CMA (@CountryMusic) will be updating fans with information on the participating artists’ upcoming album releases, tour dates, and appearances. The official hashtag for the event is #cmatv. Fans using the hashtag will be entered to win prizes during the show. For more information, visit:


Please click here and here for more information.

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